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Weighing scales travel Accessories, Kitchen Scale for Baking Cooking

2020-08-18 17:35:43


Product Service

We have rich experience in designing and manufacturing electronic scales,

Can provide a full range of OEM/ODM services.

And can provide electronic scale IC/APP development and design services.


Product Overview
Our main products are:Kitchen scale,Coffee scale, bathroom scale, body fat scale,luggage scale,etc.

Product Usage Scenarios
Our products are mainly used in various scenarios at home,Products are favored by all kinds of customers around the world.



Kitchen Scene
Our kitchen scales are mainly used in home or catering industry scenarios,Can be used for cooking and baking etc.


Weighing Scene
Our weighing scales are mainly used in home/office/gym and other scenarios.Body data such as weight/fat/calorie can be measured.


Coffee Scene
Our coffee scales can be used in scenarios such as the home or coffee bar.


In the era of Internet of Everything,We will be in the near future,there will be more new products suitable for
various scenarios.Please look forward to! 

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