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Should I buy a coffee scale

2021-04-20 16:31:39

Should I buy a coffee scale?


Should I buy a coffee scale?

Using a coffee scale can make a good cup of coffee, and enjoy a different lifestyle.FXLDOO, as a professional electronic scale manufacturer, developed many style coffee lovers.
The reason to buy a good coffee scale, is measuring out coffee by grams instead of by volume. With the timer function to focus on the extraction time and brewing time. Each time you will use the same amout of grounds to make sure you can enjoy a good cup of coffee every day.

A brew ratio of 1:15 means 1 part coffee to 15 part water, A 1:15 ratio may be 20g ground coffee, brewed using 300g of water. it will make about 300ml cup of coffee.
Here is a introduction how to make the coffee use the with timer.


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