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Market prospects of mobile power

     With mobile power into more and more people's daily life, the development of mobile power has also been a concern of more and more business people; face a new electronic market, the real situation in the end how? Yardley l As a professional manufacturer of mobile power, together with you to explore next.

     Statistics show that the battery capacity every 10 years to 20%.Therefore, anywhere how to charge for mobile digital products, power supply, extend the time of the use of mobile digital products, and the biggest problem faced by mobile users of digital products in the future.

     The development trend of mobile digital products . First appearance of the pursuit of miniaturization, functional pursuit of diversification. The appearance of small, is bound to reduce the battery size (capacity); functional diversification, especially when using the color LCD display, will accelerate the consumption of battery power, greatly reduced the working time of mobile devices in the future for a long time, substantial increase in battery   capacity is almost impossible.

     Suitable for the types of customers:

     The rapid development of mobile digital products and a huge user base, has a huge market demand for mobile power, mobile power of the target consumer group was basically:
     1 mobile work groups: the police, army, reporters, photographers, business people and other kinds of travel, tourism, outdoor staff.
     2 Students: Students are always the digital products of the fashion family, learning machine, MP3, MP4, mobile phones and so is their essential equipment.
     3, the mobile entertainment groups: frequent business trips or tourist users of digital cameras, digital cameras, mobile phones, PDAs, handheld game consoles, MP4 and other mobile digital products.

     Fxldoo mini mobile power production can be used as digital products rechargeable power supply or external power supply, can charge multiple digital products, but also a long continuous supply of digital products, to resolve the products digital products in outdoor conditions under the charge and can not work long. Such as Fxldoo Mobile Power 8000 mA high-capacity, cost-effective, able to meet different needs.
     Mobile Power market prospects
 Along with the rapid growth of the digital products market in recent years, such trends: diversification of product features and the display size and color, the model is more slim, but these features will accelerate the consumption of electricity and required to reduce the battery size. In order to meet the requirements of high-end business customers and mobile populations of the use of digital electronic products, mobile power quietly.

      Fxldoo mobile power can be used as mobile phones, digital cameras, digital cameras, PDAs, MP4, and other digital electronic charging power supply or external power supply, can charge multiple digital products, and a long continuous supply of digital products solve the problem of products digital products in the absence of electricity under the conditions of charge and can not work long.
      A mobile power, you do not have to with so many spare batteries, charger, do not hurry to find a 220v power supply, suitable for the needs of most mainstream digital products on the market today use a different adapter, a mobile power at the same time solve the problem of power shortage in a variety of digital products

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