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Analysis of mobile power hot selling

      Here are some reasons for hot selling mobile power

     An electronic product adoption
     Stations, wharves those waiting for the bus, boat, restaurant and other food, their hands are holding a cell phone, send messages, play games, read books, bus after work on the subway, train journey holding mobile phones, game consoles, e-books, the PSP, tablet PCs, digital cameras, consumer electronics products to pass the time, short; who is boring, hands and took all of a digital product to enjoy, please look up those they see around you what to do ... more new products in the era of rampant in the consumer electronics turned out, which covers communication, network, game, play, video, sound or video , books, photographs, recordings, e-mail, chat, navigation, radar ...

     2 stylish appearance
Apple's simple and slim design concept by the market acceptance of global product providers to follow a thin thin again. IPAD1 - 12.8MM , IPAD2 - 8.8MM.  How to do thin so that the development company struggled.  Product thin, beautiful appearance, market acceptance is also high, but the battery capacity will be smaller. Standby time is short, and wanted to travel to solve our boredom to pass the time, but did not expect to become a burden. This created a digital companion ----- mobile power.

      3 product upgrades
      EPC Internet cottage provider full to eat a meal, the iPad was born in the Kai series cottage flat rush to seize a piece of cake, and let VIA 8505 rampage a year since Asus launched. Consumers buy, buy a fashion, to buy a concept.  Also bought a lesson. Mature the concept of a consumer spending. They not only a product of fashion, not as long as a product price, but slowly changes to a product's performance. A product of the powerful, the frequency of its core processor must be along with it. Along with the power consumption will increase. It is built-in battery can not meet the long-running equipment.

     4 of vicious competition
   Consumer electronics market can be described as the twists and turns, since the global financial crisis, the consumer electronics market was sluggish, intensified price competition, manufacturers in order to survive, in order to charge the amount of those parts makers cut badly beaten, the battery supplier is no exception, only think of ways to cut corners to reduce costs. Price advantage to dominate the market.  This also lead to products powered defects.

      5.Suitable products are widely

     Mobile power is actually a portable test battery-powered station, a variety of switching power supply voltage and current. Diversification of battery capacity, suitable for most digital products on the market, machine learning, e-books, game consoles, tablet PCs, digital cameras, mobile phones, MP3 MP4 ... with a variety of device interface transfer connector.

     6 process design
The mobile power is relatively simple in design on a box, a brick, mobile power fashion, want to be IPAD, those high-end digital products IPHONG the companion Fxldoo is thin, is the beauty, the image also was personalized. Therefore, creating a slim companion for those digital products..

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