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Collection and solutions of mobile power

     Bought a mobile power supply for mobile phones or digital devices, but take home only to find that the use of mobile power faces a number of issues, problems encountered in mobile power charging and discharging, and how we should do it. Today we bring the highlights of the mobile power solutions.

     1. mobile power supply can not be charged:
     Adapter does not match with a cell phone or digital products
     Encounter this problem you can use mobile phones or digital products comes with its own data cable can be connected to the mobile power to charge mobile phones or digital products.
     Adapter quality
     You can ask the replacement for manufacturers changing adapter, if more than time, can only buy one the same data cable adapter, or using a mobile phone or digital products comes with its own charging.
     Double PULL bad
     Replacement time ,you can ask manufacturers to change pairs PULL, if more than can only buy one the same dual-PULL, or charging data cable comes with its own mobile phone or digital products.
     2.Mobile power can not be switched:
     No power
     If you have just received that can not be switched to open the machine, there may be no electricity, as long as you come up with pairs of wire bond and mini USB adapter on the computer and give him a charge (charge 3-5 minutes). win to boot, the boot continues to charge.

     If after that,thencan not be switched, charging adapter, if the charge does not go to explain your mobile power for cell phone or other digital products is excessive electricity, mobile power supply which automatically to protect the lithium, so the computer the USB output to charge him on it.
     Will not boot
     Mobile power supply start a similar way with the phone lock key, we need to grow by 2-3 seconds or seen in a long few seconds, such as a regular battery indicator lights flashing, on behalf of the mobile power is switched on can recharge a cell phone or other digital products.

      3.the mobile power supply is broken
      Button in the assembly is not installed, so that the technology to re-install can.
Adapter does not match with the dual-PULL
      If you have to buy on this problem, you can ask the factory replacement;
      Replacement time can find manufacturers for pairs of PULL or adapter, if more than can only buy one the same dual-PULL or adapter, or charge the cell phone or digital products comes with its own data cable.

      4. mobile power and PULL interface contact is not solid
      Mobile power and PULL interface is not solid contact may be the USB interface on the mobile power in the course of several plug relaxed during the warranty period can be shipped factory warranty, and no longer under warranty, as long as the pay replacement the cost of accessories called the factory for repairs.

      5.Mobile power supply voltage is too low
    Mobile power supply voltage of about 5V, the general mobile phone is nothing to do, but there are several mobile phone voltage requirements the same point to a few volts to charge, if the phone needs more factories special instructions, adjust the number of mobile power supply voltage V

      Finally, the Fxldoo Co., Ltd. as a professional mobile phone mobile power company want all manufacturers to make high-quality mobile power products, the problems faced by smaller and less mobile power products users, this industry regularization scale, and closer and better, farther and farther. Brand of true experience wish more and more mobile power can be widely recognized by consumers, the consumer is responsible, but also to themselves.

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