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Mobile power vacuity ? Why capacity is smaller than the nominal?

     Recently see a news on the Internet ,some consumer buy mobile power and tell capacity question, as following text.    Q: Because power consumption is too fast  with the HTC phone, so I recently bought a nominal of 5000mAh mobile power .my cell phone battery is a 1500mAh . theory, this power should be able to full three electric, but the actual is generally only twice more, and the third is difficult to full .how is this going? Bought fake product?

     A: From your point of view, mobile power itself is not much quality problem , this situation does not mean that manufacturers have a serious vacuity. Power maximum value because the capacity of the mobile power is just an internal lithium-ion batteries that can be loaded, but the fact is that this capacity is difficult to fully charged, but also in the process of charging by the use of mobile power to other devices, there is a certain amount of power loss, the capacity of the nominal mobile market power converted into the actual available power, and generally play on the 22% off. In other words, you buy their nominal 5000mAh mobile power the actual charge is able to output 3500-4000 mAh power, so the phone sufficient dissatisfaction three fairly normal. Of course, not all mobile power products on the market are some of the major brands of products because of the use of high-quality snacks and management chip on unique technology, energy conversion efficiency will be high in some of those conversion rates can reach 90 % or more of the product is good, but the prices of such products are often also quite a lot, and sometimes unnecessary force.

     After reading this Q & A, many people may suddenly realized that my mobile power is not vacuity, just in this regard is unprofessional and unfair to manufacturers. Indeed, many consumers mobile power only, with the number of up with their own estimates slightly and out, so that manufacturers vacuity, do within a certain range wronged manufacturers.

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